How to Become a Fighter Pilot


Long ago there was a country X that had just bought its first fighter jets. After buying these jets the X-Army noticed that they need some people to fly these machines and they asked a couple of strangers to attend military flight school and to become fighter pilots. They picked five (5) men at random and started the training program with them.

First random guy was named Jeff and he had worked most of his life in his fathers farm. He didn’t have much passion for the flying, but the salary for flying these machines seemed good and he was interested. He was very muscular and he could do at least 20 pull ups. He could probably push the fighter jet with his strength! Air Force started training with him and soon discovered that he had some problems with cognitive skills. He used to forget his stuff everywhere and he could only concentrate for a few minutes at a time. His flight career ended when he forgot how to lower the landing gear which resulted the jet exploding in the runway and Jeff dying because he didn’t concentrate enough when the ejection seat was taught.

Second random guy was named Joffrey and he was from very wealthy family. The life had been pretty easy for him, because he had gotten all the things he had ever wanted by simply asking. His only motive to fly fighter jet was the fact that fighter jet was extremely expensive and one couldn’t buy it for civil use. Air Force started his training only to discover that his motives for flying were very selfish. He only did things he saw as interesting and avoided all of the “boring” stuff. He also seemed to have many problems with other people: he couldn’t respect authority and he was seen as cocky bastard among his peers. Joffrey’s flight career ended when he refused to obey the commands of higher ranks and landed the aircraft busy highway, because he thought it was “fun”.

Third random guy was called Joshua and he was from family that was very intellectual. Their family would do math puzzles all the time and take competitions in National IQ competitions. This guys IQ was really high. He was somewhat tall and skinny and couldn’t do a single push up, but he could name the first forty decimals from Pi. Air Force started his training and quickly noticed how clever he was. When they started the g-training, they noticed that he had some problems. When pulling just few g-forces he would instantly lose control of his aircraft and went to g-lock. His flight career ended when he had just flew a dozen of flights and seriously injured his back and neck due the lack of strong core.

Fourth random guy was called Jake and he was basketball player from the east coast. He had achieved quite a much in his basketball career and he was ready for new challenges in life. He was in excellent shape and he was very charismatic and possessed good team working skills. He was also very tall as most of the basketball players were. The Air Force started his training with confidence and he excelled in training through the flight school. Everything went really smoothly until one day his jet experienced serious malfunction with resulted the use of ejection seat. There was one problem though as Air Force had forgotten to test the length of Jake’s thighs, which resulted his leg seriously damaged while ejecting from plane.

Fifth random guy was called Jack and he was a true charmer. He was good looking young man with excellent physique and he was very clever too. Any mother would have wanted this man as their son-in-law. He had great passion for flying and it was obvious this man would be excellent choice as fighter pilot. His eyesight seemed to be below the average, but his charm took all the attention. The Air Force started the training with confidence and everything went really well until one day he crashed the jet into skyscraper.