Basic Foundation
for becoming
fighter pilot

“The Core Foundation for Becoming Fighter Pilot”

If you want to become a Fighter Pilot, then it’s useful to understand the basic parameters that dictate whether you have any chances to succeed. If you want to become the next Michael Jordan, but you’re 165cm long – it ain’t gonna happen. Same thing with becoming Fighter Pilot, if you can’t fit inside the parameters, it’s far more useful to find it out now than after many years of hard work. 


165cm – 190cm


47kg – 94kg


0,5 (1,0 with classes)




18 – 22

Fitness Goals

Step 1

Decide What You want to Pursue in Life. This is something you need to figure out yourself. What is the most exciting and meaningful (yet achievable) thing you can imagine?

Step 2

If you find out that becoming Fighter Pilot is the most meaningful and exciting things you can imagine, then you need to create “how-to-plan”. You know what you want (which is somewhat rare nowadays)  and now it’s time to think how you are going to achieve this goal.

Step 3

After creating The Greatest Plan of All Time, you need to execute it brilliantly day after day. It’s a Great Challenge and you should definitely think it that way (this is pretty hard, but you know, I will give my all and show them!).

Cognitive Fitness

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