The Next Generation Fighter Pilot Preparation


Becoming fighter pilot is difficult. After my own personal failure on becoming a fighter pilot, I decided to make a training program that will help you in this difficult mission. Maybe we can change your future together.


Juhani Vanhatapio

The solution

Training Program

About 45 000 people apply to become Fighter Pilots each year in Western countries. Only very few succeed. Those who succeed – gain access to uplifting career, where challenge is present on daily basis. Flight Officer Career can be seen as true competence for flying. Would you like to fly the new F-35? Fighter Pilots gain access to most sophisticated and expensive technology there is. The career is characterized by continuous learning and challenges. For many, it’s also a way of life.

If you are among those who is inspired to become a fighter pilot, then we are glad you found us. Our mission is to help you to succeed. This is the reason why we work our product to become better every single day.

Who is ready to turn on the afterburner?




“The Training Program did not only prepare me for my fighter pilot aptitude tests but also helped me to make certain lifestyle changes that will certainly stick with me for the long run and help me in many other aspects of life, in addition to my future fighter pilot aptitude tests. These changes include improving my time management, physical training, learning different ways of thinking and other healthy routines for everyday life. Now, after finishing the training program I undoubtedly do feel like I am better than I was four weeks ago.” – BLUE 10

“Suosittelen kaikille jotka haluavat hävittälentäjiksi.” – BLUE 11

“Very dedicated people who help you achieve your goal. A very good way to prepare for becoming a fighter pilot.” -BLUE 20

“The best training program. It actually prepares you for aptitude tests and improves your chances to get in.” -BLUE 22

The Atlas Program

Physical Training

Fighter Pilots need good endurance to fight against G-Forces. Most of the Formula 1 Drivers run over 3100m Cooper (12min run) and some even over 3800m.


Cognitive Training

Fighter Pilots need good cognitive skills to operate modern day Fighter Jets. You will be piloting very demanding jets. You need to have good memory, perception, reasoning, coordination and attention skills.


Retired Fighter Pilot Advice

Jari has over 20 years experience on military aviation. He has flew over 1 000 hours with Saab Draken. He knows what it takes to become a Fighter Pilot.

Information and Motivation

Morning Letters

We send useful information relating military aviation and fighter pilots. It takes quite a much time to research everything there is to know. Luckily we have time to do that.


WhatsApp Based Community

Our Training Program is focused around WhatsApp group, where we will send morning letters, useful information, livestream links and so on.. We want to build international community of aspired Fighter Pilots.

Juhani Vanhatapio

Your Midnight Instructor

I know how it feels to fail in the aptitude tests. Let’s make sure you are properly prepared for the challenging career. If you fail despite the hard work, at least you know you have done everything there is to do. Failure felt bad, but the doubt about my own poor preparation was worse. Could I have become Fighter Pilot if I had done something differently?

What truly matters

Our Legacy

Blue 1 - The First Group

Total User Score: 4,5 / 5
Average Cooper Improvement: 100m
Average Cognitive Improvement: 13%


Blue 2 - Second Group

Total User Score: 5 / 5
Average Cooper Improvement: 150m
Average Cognitive Improvements: 8,3%


Blue 3 - Third Group

Total User Score: 5 / 5
Average Cooper Improvement: N/A
Average Cognitive Improvements: 74%


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