How Good is Your Memory?

Sometimes you can’t remember stuff. Sometimes you can’t forget something. How good is your memory? We have a basic test that you can try!

-30 Degrees Celsius Vlog

When it gets -30 degrees Celsius, most of the people stay indoors. Juhani is not one of those people. In this post he shares his view on -30 degrees Celsius.

Demo Group Announcement

We are starting a Demo Group (5 people) on 28th of January. Those who start at Demo Group will get our Fighter Pilot Training Program for FREE.

The Monsters Are Real

When we were young, we were told that there were no monsters in the closet. They were right. Monster was under the blanket.

The Jungle

Jungle is a dangerous place and only a few will ever find the treasure on the other side. Are you one of them?

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