Our Team

“Becoming Fighter Pilot is Difficult. We want to help those who want to become Fighter Pilots.”

Juhani Vanhatapio


My Responsibilities:


To find something worth doing and to create something that can deliver great value.

Product Developer

To always find better alternatives, by doing trial and error. Finding solutions to the hardest questions.

The Main Instructor

To listen and to pay attention to the needs of the customers. On a mission to entertain and educate.

Jari Nykanen

Retired Fighter Pilot

My Responsibility:


To provide information about Fighter Pilots and military aviation.

Ville Vilén

Sports Conditioning Coach, Physiotherapist

My Responsibility:

The Atlas Program

To create a training program, for those who want to become fighter pilots.

Midnight Academy

Midnight Headquarters

Rovaniemi, Finland

Key Functions:

Northern Lights

Most beautiful phenomenon in the world can be seen from Rovaniemi, Finland.

Midnight Sun

We experience Midnight Sun during summer time, which means we experience sun during night time.

Polar Nights

We experience Polar Nights during winter time, which means we get little to no daylight during darkest months of the year.

Cruel Environment

Two hundred days a year our surface is covered by snow. We experience mosquitoes during summer time. Cruel environment creates tough men.

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